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This blog is a very straight forward approach to dispelling myths regarding The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints (aka Mormons). All comments are moderated, any comments of an intolerant or abusive nature will not be accepted.

Please do not take offense to the way things are presented here. I am a very blunt woman and I write these things not directed to any one person but in an effort to address my frustrations regarding the intolerance of my beliefs.

I am a History Major and my specialty includes the time period in which Christ lived and in which Christianity was formed. I have also spent my life studying other faiths and beliefs. Please know that after all of my studies and my continued studies, I am firm in my beliefs and I only wish to dispel myths. This is in no way an approach to forcing my beliefs on anyone; jut a way to open eyes and build bridges. The misunderstandings are great, but so is the close-minded views of the world. Please read this blog with a desire to learn and to understand.

Thursday, July 1, 2010


I am sorry I am so late in posting this week but I have really struggled with the words to use and how to make the post I wanted this week.

This is a subject that really bothers me but I feel it must be addressed if anything is going to change.

The Article of Faith for today is number 11; "We claim the privilege of worshiping Almighty God according to the dictates of our own conscience, and allow all men the same privilege, let them worship how, where, or what they may."

The biggest thing I encounter as an LDS member among other Christians is the personal attacks on my beliefs or telling me I am miss guided and wrong. I also hear very regularly that I am brainwashed or a member of a cult. Would you just drop it, please? We do not tell you how to live or how to believe do we? So why do you feel like you must tell me how to live my life. I know many of you have had encounters with LDS members who are very pushy or very in your face about our church and you being wrong or miss guided. But this is not what our church teaches or believes. Just read the Article of Faith above. I will be the first to admit that too many members have forgotten this. When we are approached we become defensive. This unfortunately is because the majority of the people who approach us do so in a negative and accusative way. There is no love shown when things are approached this way. Christ was very specific on showing love to others and of loving even the Gentiles. This still applies today. Every man, woman and child has the God given right to make their own choices and to worship how they feel is right for them. No man, woman or child has the right to take that from another person.

I am sorry if you have been on either side of the delicate issue. I am saying it with complete love and understanding for all...PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do not tell someone how they should worship the Lord or that they are going to Hell for their beliefs. That is not your place, and frankly Jesus knows I am a Christian. So does it really matter what you think?

I am sorry this is such a forthright post but It needs to be said and not just to the general Christian population but to those LDS members, too.

May the Lord guide you and help you find tolerance and understanding in your life.


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