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This blog is a very straight forward approach to dispelling myths regarding The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints (aka Mormons). All comments are moderated, any comments of an intolerant or abusive nature will not be accepted.

Please do not take offense to the way things are presented here. I am a very blunt woman and I write these things not directed to any one person but in an effort to address my frustrations regarding the intolerance of my beliefs.

I am a History Major and my specialty includes the time period in which Christ lived and in which Christianity was formed. I have also spent my life studying other faiths and beliefs. Please know that after all of my studies and my continued studies, I am firm in my beliefs and I only wish to dispel myths. This is in no way an approach to forcing my beliefs on anyone; jut a way to open eyes and build bridges. The misunderstandings are great, but so is the close-minded views of the world. Please read this blog with a desire to learn and to understand.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Thoughts this Sunday

So I have been gone for a while and I have put a great deal of thought and prayer into the direction of this Blog. I feel very good about the things I want to share here and I hope I can touch any of my readers as they need.

For this week I am going to leave it very simple....
I discovered during my journey the last year that I have done a huge disservice to many of my friends and family members over the years. I have reached out to the specific ones I feel prompted to at this time but I feel I must also reach out here. Whether you are a reader who knows me in real life or just a casual reader I want to first say thanks for reading and welcome. Next I want to say...Yes I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. This makes me a Mormon. As my previous posts have shown being LDS is not the only denomination of Mormon's out there. Many different Denominations claim to be Mormon's and also perpetuate Negative and Fictional Facts about the LDS church (the largest of the Mormon denominations). Due to events in American History that are pushed aside as unimportant many many churches feel that they need to perpetuate falsehoods and Myths about the LDS church. A Great deal more people feel the need to pass their sources off as doctrine in their churches. I have sat in more services than I can count were the Pastor or Minister has preached the evilness and falsehoods of my church without even knowing or researching the truth. Last summer I had the pleasure to have a great discussion with a Pastor at a very small church. This was the first step in my realizations of disservice. This Pastor had taken time to study the truth of things and was very open minded. He shook my hand and told me it was a treat to have a true follower of Christ visiting his church and that He is sorry for what other Pastors and Ministers (who he has never met) have said and done. He said while it was not for him he gives great credit to my church for their family values, scripture study and Christlike service to others. This made me realize that I have just sat back and let others find out about what I believe from other sources and It has hurt friendships and family relations when I could have set the record straight with just being me. This Pastor who I met for 2 hours on Sunday told me to share what I believe and don't let others assume or be lead astray. He pointed out that when Christ is Present so is Satan to work against him. And If I have a true Testimony and conviction Satan will work that much harder on my friends.

With all this said I am going to be honest and direct as I have always been but deal directly with things that are commonly heard.

The basis of my believe is this...I believe that the Lord has modern Prophets and that he still speaks to and directs his church on earth as foretold. I believe that Joseph Smith was the First Prophet of the final Dispensation of Christ as foretold in the bible and That today the Prophet is Thomas S Monson. I believe that at the Head of the Church is Christ and that Prophecy still exists. I also believe that every person on earth is entitled to Personal Revelation if they just ask Heavenly Father he will answer and show you the truth of all things. It matters not anything else but We were promised to be guided by Prophets and that we would not be left alone in the last days. We have that Prophet and He speaks on the Lords behave for us and to guide us in these final days. I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ Amen....

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