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Friday, October 22, 2010

The Bible....

Okay so I must go back to an earlier post and add more information. I know this seems like beating a dead horse and you either agree with me and history or you are blind and think that the Bible was written as a book and is not missing anything.

So have you ever heard of The Book Of The Kells?
Well have you? Do you even know what it is? Did you know that it is quite possibly the earliest known compilation of the New Testament. Did you know that we still have it today? The Book Of Kells is quite simply the Books of the Apostles. It contains Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. It have been damaged through the years and there are things after John 17:13 that are missing or damaged beyond recognition and there is evidence that other writings were contained in the book prior to Matthew. The book is written in Latin and has amazing art work. It is currently housed at Trinity College in Dublin. Several years back the Book of Mark was sent to Australia for exhibition and suffered pigment damage due to the vibrations of the airplane.  The exact date of origination of this book is unknown but it was written sometimes between 500AD and 900AD. There is also evidence that the book was Buried and preserved at the Kells Abby during the Viking raids of 1000AD.

So what is my point? Well the biggest point is there are translation issues that are very noticeable between the Latin in the Book of the Kells and the More recent adjustments of the books. So evidence. The Bible has translation issues. The Book of the  Kells is the biggest evidence of this. There is also differences in the ancestry of Jesus as outlined in Matthew. The Book of Kells contains much for information and detail then even the King James Version....

So Well...I guess saying "I Believe the Bible to be the Word of God as far as it is translated correctly..." Is actually pretty accurate and If you don't believe me then here is your proof. Look it up.


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